How to make signed photo for any online application

You will need

  1. photo
    A photo of any dimension
  2. sign
    A sign of any dimension

You will get

combined photo
Signed photo of specific size in cm, mm or inch (e.g. 3.5cm X 4.5cm)

2 stpes to make singed photo for any online application using

  • step1: Resize both photo and sign to specific size.

    1. Choose Upload option from Left Panel & Upload the sign or photo
      left panel
      Fig: Left Panel
    2. Crop the photo if needed
    3. Resize to specific size(e.g. 3.5cm X 3.5cm or 3.5cm X 1cm).
    4. Download and store the both image in your computer. It will be required for combining.
  • step2: Combine both resized photo and sign.

    1. Upload the photo
    2. From combine option upload the Sign.
    3. Download your final signed photo.